Sokudo Electric has launched three new electric scooter models that comply with the FAME-II standards. These ‘Make in India’ models are Select 2.2, Rapid 2.2 (RTO models), and Plus (Non-RTO models). All these electric scooters come with smart fireproof Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries along with a 15-amp converter. These batteries allow efficient charging for a quick power up. The company is expecting a huge growth in sales with 15 – 20% market share.

Sokudo E2Ws Available at Affordable Rate

The FAME-II compliant electric scooters Select 2.2 comes at a price of INR 85,889. Rapid 2.2 is available at INR 79,889. And the Non-RTO model named Plus (powered By Lithium) comes at INR 59,889. The company is expecting to capture 15-20% of the market share with the launch of these three new electric scooters.

Good Range with Superior Quality Battery

The Sokudo Electric scooters offer a good range, making it convenient for daily commute. The Select 2.2 and Rapid 2.2 offer a range of up to 100 km. The Plus Non-RTO model offers a range of up to 105 km. These E2Ws run on smart fireproof lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries. It does not have the common risk associated with NMC batteries. All the three electric two wheelers are equipped with a 15-amp converter. It ensures an efficient charging and quick replenishment of battery power. 

Tough Bodies for Easy Maintenance

These electric scooters come with 3.5mm to 5.25mm ABS plastic bodies. This material makes the scooters tough and resilient to wear and tear. They all feature a CANBUS connector that allows riders with real-time monitoring options. It helps in easier maintenance. So, if you are looking for a sustainable electric scooter model, Sokudo Electric vehicles are the ideal choices.

Long Warranty Period

Each one of these electric scooters come with a three-year warranty on the battery. Additionally, you get a 5-year warranty on the vehicle. Sokudo Electric scooters are made for providing Indian riders with a safer and more efficient option of daily commute. These E2Ws offer reliable options for riding around the city. 


If you are looking for safer commute options, then Sokudo Electric scooters are the ideal choice. These Made in India two wheelers come at an affordable price. They offer a good range and also need minimal maintenance. These two-wheelers provide a reliable mobility solution to the rider in comparison to any international brands.

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