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We are a quality-seeking and quality-conscious organisation. Before it reaches our customers, every product we manufacture is thoroughly inspected, rigorously tested by quality engineers, and subjected to stringent quality checks. Sokudo certified organization that is environmentally conscious, socially responsible and professionally ethical in its business operations. We've been revolutionising your travel-to-work experience by enabling the smooth connectivity of technology and mobility solutions.

Pioneering Electric Mobility: Sokudo's Journey of Research and Development

In an era marked by a growing urgency to address environmental concerns, Sokudo has emerged as a symbol of innovation, is an Indigenous purveyor.

dedication, and transformation. Our groundbreaking journey commenced in November 2019 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Prashant Vashitha, our Managing Director. Our mission was clear: to create a lasting impact on our nation, environment, and way of life.

Electric two-wheelers have emerged as a beacon of hope in our quest for sustainability,offering a tangible solution to the escalating challenges of CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and carbon footprint.

However, as we embarked on our journey, we encountered a critical gap in the market. Low-speed electric scooters were dominating the scene, often sidestepping regulations and compromising on quality. In contrast, Sokudo envisioned a higher standard for electric mobility. Our exploration through market dealers revealed a disconcerting prevalence of subpar products, marred by battery explosions, motor inefficiencies, and fragile components.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Prashant Vashitha and bolstered by our team's unwavering dedication, we resolved to confront these challenges head-on. Our pursuit of excellence led to the approval of 12 low-speed scooter models, marking a pivotal shift. Yet, it was evident that achieving quality demanded more than approval; it demanded a commitment to innovation, research, and a resolute determination to raise the bar.

Thus, the Sokudo Acute and Acute 2.2 were born – electric scooters that embody Sokudo's unwavering commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability. These ICAT-certified and FAME-subsidized models stand as testaments to our pledge to deliver products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our relentless journey paved the way for pioneering advancements that redefine electric mobility. Here are some of the distinctive features that set our scooters apart:

Advanced Materials: Our scooters boast 3.5mm ABS plastic thickness, surpassing the industry standard of 2mm, ensuring unmatched durability.

Innovative Charging: Through our CAN bus connector, we introduce faster, more efficient, and intelligent charging for electric vehicles, embodying our dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Safety as Priority: Certified IP 67 motors and fireproof batteries underscore our commitment to ensuring rider safety and environmental preservation.

Longevity and Efficiency: Our LFP battery cells offer triple the life cycle of NMC cells, guaranteeing up to 2500 to 3000 cycles of reliable performance.

Smart Battery Management: Equipped with an active balancer, our batteries ensure optimal performance, automatically balancing cells to prevent issues.

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