Warranty - Sokudo India High Speed Electric Scooters

Warranty Regulations

  1. Every product irrespective of its superiority needs some protection irrespective of usage. This protection is called as warranty and the period for which it is covered is known as warranty period.


  1. Sokudo Electric India offers its entire Acute/Acute+ scooters manufactured and distributed through its authorized dealers / distributors/sub-dealers/ agents to be free from any defect both in material and workmanship under normal usage conditions subject to following

Warranty Period - Sokudo Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Warrants their vehicles as per below table from the date of sale of vehicle to customer.




S No.






Free Service



Paid Service

36 Months/30,000kms

(Whichever is earlier)

12 MONTHS/30,000kms (Whichever is







Acute +




Motor* & Battery*

Chassis Swing Arm Handle Bar, Side Stand", Main Stand".

Throttle, Converter", Speedometer". Front shockers" Rear

Shockers Headlight". Tail Lamp assly",FDI lamp Assy.

left/right" FPL assy.".RDI lamp assy, left/right". Side DRL

leftright" Licence lamp". Front Wheel". Wiring Harness" lock

set. USB charging port" Flasher" Horn".Steering sterm" Cone

set Controller and charger"


1) items warranty

to be given by the


manufacturer only


2) Repair or

replacement time

will be 10 to 15

working days



Warranty Obligations - If a defect is observed in any of the Acute/Acute+ Sokudo only obligation is to repair or replace those parts which are considered to be the cause of malfunction free of cost provided it is acknowledged by Sokudo that the same is not because of misuse/improper handling. The defective vehicle must be brought to Sokudo authorized dealer/service center for inspection and subsequent rectifications/repairs.

Limitations of warranty -The warranty will be null and void -

a) if any of the free / paid services has not been availed off and specified mileage and/or time is passed or the vehicle is not serviced by the authorized dealer at specified Kms or 2 months whichever occurs earlier after service coupons are exhausted.

b) In case, ownership of vehicles changed or the vehicle is used for commercial purpose

c) If any part / assembly of the vehicle has been tampered / altered /repaired/replace at an unauthorized workshop or unauthorized technicians

d) If any failure has occurred due to extraneous reasons like over loading or abuse of vehicles. If the vehicle is used in competitive event/races and rallies.

Applicability of Warranty - The warranty is not applicable as per points









Tyre", Painted Parts, Plastic Parts, Lock Plate Lock Line Raer View Mirror. charging plug. MCB. Rear Reflector, Ladies Footrest, Bulbs, Brake Cables, Brake Shoes & Shocker Seals, Wear and tear items, Battery Broken, Seat Assly, Front/Rear disc brake assy. Front/rear Disc plate. Plain Foot rest. Rear carrier, Switches. anti theft alarm and remote control key




Items warranty to be given

by the respective

manufacturer only



b) Warranty is not applicable on any damages to vehicle components/Aggregates pollution/fire/netural hazard such as Earthquake/volcanic eruption/floods/water logging /cyclone/extreme weather conditions-Ambient temperature <4 °C or> 50°C etc.

c) Any Damages due to fitment of Non-recommended accessories.

d) In case of any noise, Vibrations, oil spillage etc. which are considered not to affect the performance of the vehicle

e) if the vehicle is not used in accordance with the manual supplied with the vehicle.

f) if the maintenance and repairs required due to misuse while driving or due to adulteration of fluid and improper road conditions.

g) if the failed component is not surrendered for replacement.

h) in case of special purpose vehicle Sokudo will not have any obligations on Body and body 

i) if the vehicle supplied by Sokudo modified/altered or body built by the customer/dealer Sokudo shall have no warranty obligations on such modifications/alterations or structure which is found to be affection overall performance of the vehicle. Sokudo shall be at liberty to refuse any warranty obligations. Decision what so ever of Sokudo would be final and binding on customer.

j) Any warranty claims which are not submitted on recommended time with supporting documents and defected parts required by Sokudo Electric will not eligible for warranty and Sokudo Electric is not liable to provide the warranty claim for such cases.

Warranty on Proprietary Components/Aggregates

Warranty on proprietary components shall be handled by their respective Manufacturers as per their own warranty policy. In case of any defect on such components/aggregates e.g. Battery, Converter, tyres, Charger etc. Dealer's customer may directly approach to the branch office/ dealers of the respective manufacturers with the coordination of sokudo personnel. Sokudo will not be directly liable such claims However Sokudo will assist the customer in this regard.

Battery Warranty Replacement/Repairs

  • As per below terms and conditions:
  • Any Manufacturing defect arises in the Battery during first two years from the date of sale and acknowledged by the manufacturers the battery will be replaced/repaired free of cost, however the cost of Transportation from dealer to manufacturer and back will be borne by the customer
  • During third year of warranty the Battery will be replaced /repaired on Pro-Rata life basis.
  • Cost of transportation from dealer to manufacturers and back will be borne by the customer.
  •  Warranty on commercial use for battery pack such as rental program or field owner shall be for 1500-1700 cycles and not for number of months/years based on above mentioned conditions.
  • Battery supply should be in tolerance of 96% of the battery rated capacity if below this then it will be rejected by Sokudo Team.
  • Following would be the reduction in performance excluding tolerance:

AH reduction would be 10% (approx.) in 1st year.

AH reduction would be 10% (approx.) in 2nd year.

AH reduction would be 20% (approx.) in 3rd year.


  • DOD clause seen in accordance with above warranty details for battery Pack :

Example of 72V42Ah

1st Year: If the battery Drop below 35Ah, it will be replaced with 35Ah battery pack

2nd Year: If the battery Drop below 31Ah, it will be replaced with 31Ah battery pack

3rd year: If the battery Drop below 24Ah, it will be replaced with 24Ah battery Pack


  • Above capacities are only applicable as per rider km as well if the customer runs 10,000 km then their battery getting 30% reduced their efficiency.
  • 3 years means 2 years (warranty) + 1 year (only service charges are free for the repairing, rest if whatever items need to be replaced then i.e. bear by the customer or end user only)
  • If a customer changes their speedometer then he has to inform the dealer or battery pack manufacturer as well through mail only otherwise battery pack manufacturer observes the battery pack module will consider out of warranty.
  •  If a customer will drive with the damaged speedometer then he should have to change their speedometer within 2-3 working days otherwise the warranty will be void.
  •  There is no warranty if the vehicle is not insured and/or doesn't have valid insurance.
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